About Us

We are here to help make your event even better!

We apologize for the work in progress that our website is. We desire to do everything at the highest caliber, but in this time of uncertainty, it is more important that we have a place for you to come and learn than it is to have a fully polished online presence.

We have a long history of helping churches and non-profits, and with the sudden recommendation that no events are held with more than 50 people, there are a lot of people scrambling to find their path forward. Whether a weekly service, fundraiser, or other special event, we want to help you explore your options, find your best immediate path forward, but perhaps most importantly, help you not buy equipment.

There will likely be a need to spend some money for new equipment to get through this time, and we’ll halep you determine what. But we won’t advise you to rush into a new camera system for sunday video streaming if your phone will suffice for the next few weeks. Reach out to us, we’ll bring our technical savvy to your short term needs with a long term view.