The CDC has advised in person events of more than 50 people during the next 8 weeks be canceled or postponed. This is a complication when trying to have church on a sunday morning. Even if your service doesn’t typically have 50 people in it, you may still have a signficant number of elderly attendees, and with the higher risk they have, you, or they, may still decide not to participate. This has left thousands of churches scrambling to put up a live stream. Beyond your local ability to create a stream, there is still the problem of streaming services getting it to viewers with an influx of new users who all want to go live during the same sunday morning period.

We agree that live streaming is a fantastic way to continue to deliver a weekly worship service, but it’s not as simple as turning on the camera and clicking a ‘Go Live’ button. The most important thing in a good video is audio. This is followed by lighting, leaving video as the third most important factor in a good video. It’s not likely that you can bring your lighting system to its ideal in a short time, but we can all survive with whatever we have available. Audio is a different story. If you watched KFYR’s broadcast of Governor Burgum’s announcement on Sunday evening, you’ll notice there was a significant audio change. It seemed that it was being broadcast through a phone, using the phone mic, until they could get connected into the system at which point we could all understand what he was saying. Audio is that important.

Don’t rush off in a panic to buy whatever you think you need to do a live stream. Stop, take a deep breath, and do some homework. You can stay tuned here for more information on what you’ll need with some recommendations to get you started without depleting your budget. We’ll share some thoughts on out of the box ways to prevent problems, and help you navigate the legal aspects of what licenses you need, and what they allow you to do. If you want a more personal touch, you can reach out to us via our advice form.

Stay calm, we’ll help you through this.